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Wall of Fame

  /  Wall of Fame

This is where everyone who supports one of our Kickstarter campaigns has their name immortalized. This page will be on our website and available to everyone for as long as Huckleberry Comics exists as a company. If you’d like to get your name on this wall all you have to do is keep an eye out for our next campaign and lend us your support!

Nancy Stone 

Justin Striblen 

Raymond Mullikin 

John L Vogt

 Mariah & Theodore Lindsay

HOK Comics

 DrenProductions LLC


Anton, Gianluca Bonomo

 John Rudwall

Justin Graham

Patrick Bradley

Iona Milne

Łukasz Golowanow

Jamie Turner

David Fleisch

Mark Bertolini

Neocortex Media

Brian Goubeaux

Paul Spence

Eric Hendrickson

 Gustaf Bjorklund

Hersey Studios LLC

Matthew Crowe

 Steven Young

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