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Sky Skirmish

  /  Sky Skirmish

What is it?

It’s true, we’ve endeavored to create a board game. Sky Skirmish is a 2 player tabletop game which pits its players against each other in a battle of strategy, chance and deception. You must conquer your enemy by capturing their captain, blasting their ship out of the air or capturing their hold and robbing them of all their hard earned diamonds.

But while you may win the battle, it’s possible to lose the war. You must also captain a fleet of sky ships in a bid to take over your enemies land and, most importantly, their capital city.

When is it available?

That, my friend, is a very good question. It turns out there’s a LOT that goes into making a board game. Especially a good one. At the moment we’re working on producing 6 new products aside from Sky Skirmish. But not to worry! It’s still a very active production. However, we don’t expect to see this hit the market until 2019. But, as always, the best way to find out about this and everything else we’re working on is to sign up for our free updates. We won’t slam your inbox with emails and we will send you an update when a new product you might be interested has launched.

Oh, and you’ll get some amazing discounts only available to our free update members 🙂

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