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     It’s no secret the comic and graphic novel industries are exploding. And at a slightly ridiculous rate.


“The Comic Book Industry Is On Fire,

And It’s About More Than Just The Movies”

Business Insider 2014

“The resurgence of comic books:

The industry has its best-selling month

in nearly two decades”

Washington Post 2016


And then, all of a sudden we started seeing headlines like this:


“2017 may be a rough year for comics

retail and the industry – or not”

The Beat 2017

There are many theories flying around as to where this industry is headed. Some are saying that it’s a bubble. The super hero movie phenomenon has gone too far and super-inflated sales in the comic industry. I, for one, partly agree with this point of view. A member of DC’s staff recently said in an extremely controversial statement, “The comic book industry is on the verge of collapse and we need to save it.” Which, while in my opinion is quite the melodramatic statement, certainly holds a grain of truth. The reason the person gave for saying that was in large part due to the titans of publishing (e.g. Marvel, DC, Image, etc.) having become too comfortable with their box office fortunes. That they stopped really concentrating on the thing that put them where they are in the first place. Comic books.

So, why would I be highlighting the uncertainty of an industry on the investor page of a fresh young publisher of comic books, graphic novels and general geekery? Because the money used to start this company was made trading the market. And I’m confident seasoned investors will see a buying opportunity here. Let me explain. It is true that there has been blockbuster after blockbuster pumping people into the graphic novel and comic book industry. Gaming has, to an extent followed along – producing multi million dollar titles, spending even more millions on advertising and nabbing up new comic book fans by the thousands. There has been tremendous focus on the likes of Marvel and DC, and even on indie publishers that just so happen to publish something which turns into a massive hit. Image’s Walking Dead, for example. In stock terms, I’d say this industry is a little bit overbought at the moment. That not all of these new fans are here to stay and that the biggest publishing houses will take a little bit of a hit this year and perhaps a little less of a hit next year.

Still not encouraging, right? Wrong. It’s exactly what needs to happen. As you likely know, when something is overbought, pulls back and finds support – that’s an excellent sign for a move higher. And I would (and to a large extent am) bet everything I have that this industry has support. Heaps and mounds of support. Support coming out its eyeballs. There will likely be a bit of a pull back, yes. But the fan bases are there, and very much invested in the industry and its future. Indie publishers are popping up all over the place and while many fizzle out, and a handful explode there is no lack of new people coming in, starting new companies and in many cases finding fan bases. Huckleberry Comics has, admittedly, done better than most. Finding a social media audience of 4,000+ follower within one year of being founded and we’ve only produced one title, Dream State Radicals, six months ago. We’re easily on track for 15,000 – 23k + followers by the end of 2018 and the future looks even brighter. There’s tons of products in the pipeline, including the first graphic novel of Dream State Radicals comprising the first three issues, a mobile game, a tabletop game, two new comic series and a very cool collectable enamel series. The fact of the matter is this pullback, for me, allowed a sigh of relief. It’s acting like any rapidly growing, and rapidly maturing industry should. It’s consolidating, and this is a period where publishers like Huckleberry Comics have a once in a lifetime opportunity. As the titans focus their efforts on bringing their audiences away from screens and back to good ol’ fashioned ink and paper – we can capitalize on people looking for something new. Some fresh, unique and intensely interesting stories just like those Huckleberry Comics can and does provide. This pullback will kill many indie start ups just like us. It will also richly reward those who have the capital and the talent to get recognized in this calm before the storm.

Our massively growing fan-base and no lack of innovative, unique ideas in publishing, tabletop and mobile gaming as well as collectable markets is something we’re extremely confident in. The comic and graphic novel industry is here to stay. And so is Huckleberry Comics.

If you’re looking to invest in this industry, I commend you on your timing. If you wish to invest with us, I commend you on your taste, and ability to see potential. All funds are put towards our internal studio productions, as well as advertising and promotion. Investors are rewarded with a percentage of our profits and a stake in Dutka Enterprises LLC. There is a lot on the horizon and we’d love to have you share in our success.

If you wish to more seriously pursue investing with us please get in touch via the contact form here.

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