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Dream State Radicals

  /  Dream State Radicals

Where it all began

    Dream State Radicals is where Huckleberry Comics started. In fact, it’s so integral to our roots as a company there’s an article all about its creation in the about us section.

Imagine a world where dreams are literally bought and sold on the streets. A world where wars are fought in alternate planes of reality and the grip of a massively powerful government is slipping. Watch the United Imperial Nation’s slow motion collapse though the eyes of people from the highest U.I.N. order all the way down to the criminal classes; as well as outsiders, intelligent machines, crime lords and just your average joe.

   Our fist issue follows Leech, John, Jake and Salvia as their lives are set on a collision course with a fate none of them could have predicted. Check out the first eight sample pages down below to get a taste of the DSR universe! The art style changes when we follow a different character to reflect that character’s world view. So Leech, kind of a sketchy guy living on neg 3 has a grittier world view and that is reflected in his pencil inkers work. When we’re following Jake, as you’ll see when the story skips a few pages to his introduction down below, is a more average citizen hence the more clean lined approach.

One of the very first pieces of concept art for Dream State Radicals. Some of you might recognize it – Lagula City, the place where our journey began. It’s informed much of the universe aesthetic and we still refer to it to this day.

Z's & Ethers

In the DSR universe dreams are recorded (and sometimes synthesized) Some Z’s (dreams) are very sought after, artists are particularly popular, due to uniqueness and quality. Once the dream is recorded it’s stored in a steel and glass holder. But there’s so many on the market you can experience pretty much whatever you want. Weather it’s being the biggest celebrity on Mars, staring in your very own spy thriller, or walking through a filed of strawberries, you get to choose the reality you want to experience. But once a dream (or Z) is used, it’s gone forever. It’s a single use deal. And they’re not cheap. They vary in price, the more sought after the person who created the Z the pricier it is. However, there’s also Ethers. Ethers are persistent dream states that don’t go away. They’re like permanently accessible alternate realities. As the U.I.N. is in slow motion collapse it’s the only place left the government can effectivley hide and protect their most precious secrets. And this is the reason they’ve outlawed Z’s, as more people might discover Ethers, and in turn might find the hiding places for their most damning secrets.

Check it out!

The best way to learn more about Dream State Radicals is getting a copy and reading it! Feel free to pick yourself up a copy today:

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