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Stunning products built from the ground up

Production Made Easy

Why spend thousands creating a team, finding manufacturers, hiring production managers and sourcing materials? We do all of it for you quickly and affordably. What we offer:

An experienced team of artists including:

  • Concept artists
  • Pencilers
  • Inkers
  • Colorists
  • Letterers
  • Formatters
  • 3D modeling artists & sculptors
  • Graphic designers

Production managers to ensure your project is completed efficiently and affordably.

Sourcing professionals to ensure the best price and highest quality manufacturing.

Genuine care for every production and a passion for art, attention to detail, and atmosphere.

What can we produce?

An extremely affordable and creative way to boost your sales, pre-orders or Kickstarter pledges. Who wouldn’t want an amazing custom pin for their product? They’re perfect for hats, book bags, jackets, shirts, you name it! It builds interest in your product in a fun and non car salesman-y way.

We will work with whatever design you have in mind or help you come up with something really unique and impressive. We handle design, sourcing, manufacturing, production and delivery to your distributor or warehouse. We can even handle design, branding printing and assembly of your pin backing card.

Please contact us for pricing. Minimum order of 200 pins.

Board games and video games are prime for accompanying comic books or single issue graphic novels. It’s a fantastic way to expand you’re universe and canon.

We will work with you to stylize every step of production to match your vision. From pencil to ink, to coloring, lettering formatting and print. We can even arrange printing and shipping directly to your distributor or warehouse.

Production cost varies widely based on a large number of factors. Please contact us for a quote. If you wish to have us source a printer and ship them to you a minimum order of 500 copies is required.

Need a gorgeously designed guide for your digital or tabletop game? Perhaps some simple instruction pages for your basement kit model. Or maybe you’re an artist who would like to put together a collection of your awesome work. We’re happy to help.

We can handle all the brunt work, and can even contribute art to the project if needed. As usual, production and shipping to a distributor or your warehouse is something we can do!

Contact us for pricing.

Promoting a product is always a challenge. Driving pre-orders or coming up with awesome Kickstarter rewards is something even the best marketers struggle with. We can help. A custom comic book, art book or enamel pin is an absolutely amazing incentive which is affordable for small business and indie startups. And it’s a fantastic way to drive sales, pre-orders or even expand the cannon and universe you’ve been lovingly seeing through to fruition. Here’s a few more reasons.

1.) Excellent way to continue or start the story. 

Wether you’re setting the scene or saying The End a custom single issue graphic novel is an excellent way to do that. It’s visual, unique, and engaging. 

2.) Gives you a marketing edge.

There’s tons of companies, from indie publishing houses to industry titans coming out with board games and video games. If you’re marketing in either sector, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. This is a superb way to build interest and have something really unique to get a leg up on the competition.

3.) Allows you to expand your universe and cannon.

You’re already working in a visual medium and you know the importance of good graphic design. A single issue graphic novel or comic book is the ideal way to build on your universe. It’s a chance to add cannon, character development, and unique perspectives which can be hard to get across in other forms.

4.) Attractive offer for Kickstarter rewards, expansion packs or collector’s editions.

A collector’s edition or expansion pack is a hard sell. Especially if you’re not well established. A custom comic book or single issue graphic novel from Huckleberry Comics is the perfect way to give your customers a lot more incentive and to spice up your offerings. 

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