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Jose Ramirez


Elias Martins

Pencil & Inker (Jake’s POV)

Patrick Buermeyer

Pencil & Inker (Leech’s POV)

Emmanuel Francisco

Pencil & Inker (Devin’s POV)

Santiago Espina

Pencil & Inker (Overseer_37’s POV)

Geoff Mosse

Pencil & Inker (John’s POV)


Lead Concept Artist

Dan Lauer

2nd Concept Artist

Anton Egorov

3rd Concept Artist

Chris Johnson


Javier Puga


Soyeon Noh

Korean Translator


Here at Huckleberry Comics we believe in supporting artists. We created the idea of a shifting perspective, having a different artist for each character (their style representing that character’s world view) and this requires lots of talent. Even single issue 16 page pieces can require 6-8 artists. The list above is only a handful of the talent we’ve employed since our founding just one year ago. So, if you’re a talented pencil and inker and interested in working with us, there certainly is a chance to get on one of our projects.

Please note, that even when small positions become available it’s not uncommon to have 1-200 applications. The competition is rough, but the good news is we’re constantly looking for new talent and developing new products.

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